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The Burly Uke Fancier Federation
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Below are the 20 most recent journal entries recorded in buff_treehouse's LiveJournal:

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Wednesday, July 13th, 2005
9:17 pm
Fic: The Sexual Habits of the Adult Youkai Male (R)
Fandom: Saiyuki
Pairing: Kougaiji/Dokugakuji
Rating: R for implied sexual situations and voyeurism
Spoilers: None that come to mind.
Comments: Grew out of a discussion on scribblemoose’s LJ. As do all good things. ;)

The Sexual Habits of the Adult Youkai MaleCollapse )
Sunday, May 22nd, 2005
9:34 am
FIC - Crying Freeman - Dragon and Phoenix - NC-17
For your reading pleasure, a very buff uke. Hinomura Yoh from Crying Freeman is the quintessential buff body and this time, he's on bottom.

Title: Dragon and Phoenix
Author: Jan toxictattoo
Series: Crying Freeman
Warnings: PWP, NC-17
Pairings: Hinomura Yoh and Tak Yuen Koh
Source: manga, anime

Link takes you to my writing journal blowing_my_load

Art to accompany the fic. The last two of these images commissioned from saeryph that was the catalyst for getting this fic done.
Tuesday, November 2nd, 2004
3:27 pm
Hey everybody, I'm Marysia and I'm a yaoi fan. >_>; I have to admit that I'm not generally that big a fan of burly muscular guys, but I do like unconventional pairings and roles. There's a certain pairing I've recently become a bit obsessed with the idea of and I'm sad to find that I can't find any fanstuff!

The pairing: Yunsung x Kilik of Soul Calibur fame. I think Kilik is one of the sexiest game characters in existence, but I also am fascinated by the idea of him as an uke. So.. if anybody happens to know where any fics or fanart about these two are, I'd love to see it. :o
Wednesday, June 9th, 2004
10:31 am
[FIC] - Gundam Wing - Desires - NC-17
Because when cosmorific commands, I obey.

Hope you enjoy!

Title: Desire
Author: Jan
Rating: NC-17 for language and sex
Warnings: Just two guys, and sex, with a smidgeon of angst thrown in for good measure.
Series: Gundam Wing
Pairings: Treize x Zechs

Bribe for cosmorific because she said if I did this, she would finish a long awaited fic as well.
Thursday, May 27th, 2004
3:36 am
Okay I'm just an Open Canvas whore tonight.

Title: Purr
Pairing: :x If you guess, I'll give you a cookie. It's AU
Rating: PG Kissing
Manly. :xCollapse )

Crossposted to yaoi & dragonballyaoi
Saturday, May 15th, 2004
1:18 am
-Peeks in.-
Spug here. :x

I wonder if you guys would be okay with Lupin III stuff. They anit buff, but they anit girlie girl boys either. :x Lemme know.

If not, I'll keep quiet and just oogle the buff guys.
8:38 am
The creation of this community inspired a few of the fellows with whom I share headspace... they bowled me over last night. Nothing I could do about it. The result is here.

*toes ground* I'm not pushy, really am not. It's just... well, I wanted to share. Just in case somebody might enjoy it too.

Current Mood: shy
Friday, May 14th, 2004
11:12 pm
Wow, about everyone's posted but me. Well I can't be left out, can I?

Enough_space doesn't make for any cute nicknames, so you can call me Bo or Mouse after another handle of mine. I'm a fan of all kinds of slash/yaoi/what have you, but seeing some of my favorite characters turned into thin, weak little criers pains me terribly. I should know, I own YGO yaoi doujinshi. *pained face*

I'm a big Justice League fan, although that's not exactly anime. Justice League is a great series because it's full of buff, kick-ass, dominant men . . . all of whom seem to have big crushes on each other. SOMEONE'S got to be the bottom, and this is where the fun in the fanfiction comes in, heh. Only in this fandom can you find Batman taking it up the ass from Lex Luthor. Or the Flash. While in costume, because he's too dominant even to reveal his secret identity for sex. Hee hee.

As I was saying in Smo's journal, Superman is another common uke, because he's often considered too strong to be on top. I mean, he could crush any of the others like a bug if he got too . . . spirited. So he's usually bottoming, sometimes while in restraints, which is just . . .

I'm sorry, I have to go read fic now. Bye!

(As for other burly ukes I'm a fan of, I love to see Gateau on the bottom, or any of the Saiyuki boys [not including Goku, at least not when he's all pussified the way he often is].)
7:10 pm
Everyone else was posting intro posts, so I figure I can too :)
I love beefy guys. All of 'em, uke or seme, but seeing a beefy uke is like, candy :)
Wait, I don't like candy...
It's like jalapeno flavored potato chips. Mmmm!

I'm glad the rest of you told your ages!! You don't know how I always feel like I'm drooling along with a bunch of 15 yr olds! I'm 34. But I do not feel 34. I have 2 journals, this one and raditzsex. That's right, Raditz + sex. ;)

So, I know he's not really a "beefy" guy, but the other day I decided that if Kenshin was seme that would make Sanosuke uke. I nearly had a nosebleed at work from that thought!

I wish I knew I would have something to offer the comm aside from comments, but I really suck at writing erotic fiction or drawing erotic art -- I end up giggling too much. I'm so mature :P

I do have some men in dresses fanart, though. And I will share it with you!
Some guys, some women's clothing... ahh yeah.Collapse )

Hope you liked!
8:10 pm

hello... I am SteelSong... fan of muscley male ukes of all descriptions...

I have written some fanfiction in my time but am currently on hiatus from that...

while I don't mind a willowy uke here and there I'm not a big fan of those spider boys with the chins so sharp you wonder how they manage to avoid slitting each other's throats when they kiss...

I'm also a fan of bdsm... there's nothing like a big strong man on his knees... *grin*

anyway... that's enough from me...
7:04 pm
The intro thingy
Well... not much to say, honestly.

Hello, my name is Manon (and please call me such... Mirichan is my online handle for forums... and it's my cat ^_~). I'm a 40-yr old French-Canadian woman interested mostly in 4 fandoms (GW, YnM, WK and CCS) at different levels... I like "non weepy girly" ukes and I'm here because this whole community was born in my LJ yesterday ^__^ so I HAD to join...

I don't write fanfics... I do a tiny bit of fanart... and for Zechs' lovers? That's one... ZechsCollapse )
2:57 pm
I thought i would share the full image of my icon...since he is buff and i can imagine him as being a very very good or rather naughty bottom!!! Enjoy! *Grin*

The full dealCollapse )

Current Mood: amused
12:28 pm
Mmmm.... muscle yaoi !!

I'm Xe. I'm definitely a muscle fan, ukes *and* semes. *purrs*

Despite the fact that I'm mostly writing Gundam Wing these days, a fandom I used to make fun of as "stick-boy yaoi", I've written a lot of DragonballZ yaoi. Yes, I know, that makes me hopelessly unelite and mainstream and so forth. *laughs* However, talk about muscles! *eyes glaze over* Every single male character...

Since the main characters are mostly not human, there's all sorts of lovely fanon, including the use of their tails as major erogenous zones. Nothing like a big, burly fighter being driven to his knees because his would-be lover is stroking his tail. *giggles*

I'm not much of a fan of thin, feminine yaoi boys, which is why I avoided GW for so long. Once I realized that Heero is (a) probably psychotic, and (b) can bend steel bars with his bare hands, however, I was hooked.

There's some muscular goodness in Naruto, too, and also in Saiyuki. Dokugakuji, anyone?

Anyway, that's the Cliff's Notes version of my yaoi addictions! Glad to meet ya!

3:24 pm
Stereotypical Introduction
Heyyo, everyone! I'm Mara, and damn do I love big, burly ukes! It's almost a sick obsession. The whole thing stems from this one story I wrote where the uke was just genenerally bigger than my seme. I love those guys ... But anyway ... I so love this place. XD

My only question is ... Is the tree in the palace's backyard?
12:30 pm
Hi, my name is Gina, and I'm a smut whore.....
Hi, everyone. Gee, I've never joined a community before. Be gentle, it's my first time.

Um, I'm 44, and I write a lot of Gundam Wing, but also Rurouni Kenshin, Weiss Kreuz,(sorry, I can't make that German letter that looks like a "B".) FAKE and Inuyasha.

Oh, have plans to write some non-anime slash someday too. (Starsky and Hutch plot bunnies latch onto ankles and begin to chew frantically)

Anyhow, I'm an old married broad, and I write all kinds of pairings and kinds of stories. I write a mix of m/m and m/f mostly(not necessarily at the same time). I guess because I hate being stuck in a category. Sorry, I try not to use those terms, "Het" and "Yaoi". I started out reading Star Trek slash many decades ago, before there was even an internet, so I think of myself as a slash writer.

I just like beautifully written sex. I don't care who's doing what to whom as long as they're having a good time and I can watch...um, read. I have no preconceived notions of who should be doing what to whom, I guess.

Although I have heard this: "The bigger the cushion, the better the pushin'!"

*I stole that from Freddy Mercury, sorry.*

Current Mood: happy
2:52 pm
Hello all!
My name's Stefi and I love burly ukes.

I think my favourite would be Iori Yagami from King of Fighters. For anyone who has no idea who I'm talking about, check him out hereCollapse ).

Others I like are Kyo Kusanagi (also from KoF), Genjou Sanzo from Saiyuki, and Ken from Weiss Kreuz :))

Current Mood: fabulous
10:38 am
Ya know i never really know what to say, cause i always feel like i'm coming off as a dork. *laughs*

But anyway, i'm Laughingwolfgirl. I started out writing Final Fantasy 8 fiction, with Seifer and Squall, and that's how i found out i have a massive thing for Seme's who like to be seme from underneath. They like to be taken and used but all along they're still in control ya know. I don't know, it's a quirk of mine. *laughs*

Though i still like to have the buff guys be the ukes, but i like that when people look at them they'd naturally assume that they were seme, only to be surprised that no, that man likes to be bent over and given it good. *grin*

Anyway, i've become more of an origianal fiction writer along with seshat2511, but i still write fanfiction here and there when the muses get loud enough.

As to who i like being burly and bottom, someone mentioned Riki from Ai No Kusabi, He would be on my list, i also like to see Seifer put on bottom, i like the thought of Ken from Weiss being bottom, or Schuldig (i have a soft spot for bastards and villians too) and now that i'm trying to think of them, my brain goes blank *wry grin*. Ain't that always the way.

Anyway, that's my introduction. Have a good day! *grin*

Hehehe, i still sound like a dork! *laughs*
12:10 pm

I'm Yukie. My name is the result of my cat dancing on my keyboard, and my liking a letter combo her stupid furry feet begat.

I write, I draw, and I certainly don't hold by the traditional 'laws' of seme-uke appearance or dynamics, yo, because I'm an artist and all of us are naturally strange in the head. Or so I've been told. I do odd shit like having Dokugakuji bottom to Kougaiji and then having 'em switch up (someday I'm going to refine all these thricebuggered Saiyuki twaddles and post them, goddammit). I also believe that Hisoka is not merely an uke. He is, rather, a seme seedling.

As my icons prove, I'm not merely a fan of buff ukes, but also evil bastard fruity weirdoes. Huzzah!

Minekura owns my soul. Well, most of it. Matsushita Yoko, Kishimoto Masashi, and a few other mangaka whose names escape me presently goddammit *vague stupid clutching gestures at air around head* also have property claims on my immortal bits. Bitches.


Now, off to draw more weird-coupling smut, yo. And make the cat stop chewing my kneaded eraser. Again.

Current Mood: *dansu!*
10:45 am
I said I wasn't going to do this. I swore I wasn't going to do this.

... and the conversation about decidedly non-burly guys in drag managed to put me off for a whole ten minutes. Ah well.

My name is Truth and I normally don't do introductions because I prefer to lurk in the back. I'm 30 years old and I tend to write strange little things that don't quite fit into any particular category.

Thank you.

*returns to lurking in the back*
5:19 pm

Well, moonriddler_mim, or just mim is fine. 25 years and scorpio. Tumbled down the Yaoi rabbit hole little over a year or so ago. Now I write origific (except one horribly written WK) and read loads of Yaoi - origi and fanfic - and loving it! ^_^

Can say that it was Quatorze's Vanya that got me to like buff ukes. I don't think I've come across any other guy as buff - in the physical sense - as him and Corinn. But if you mean buff as in pushy bottom... er... well... need to think for a bit.

Oh, and Ricki in Ai no Kusabi!! Yesss, there's a hot guy I'd call buff. ^_^

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